PIERI represents one of the most renowned companies in the packaging market and in particular in the design and production of wrapping and conveying solutions for palletized loads.



Founded in 1973 by Sauro Pieri and currently led by his daughter Danica, the company was created to meet the primary need of logistics to protect goods from damage during the handling and the freight transport.



The technical evolution of PIERI projects went from semi-automatic wrapping machines to the present fully automatic systems and integrated turnkey installations. The more than 40 years relationship with its clients constitutes a contribution in terms of experience and quality that has allowed the company to increase the know-how and passion for their work.



Now as then, our mission is focused on:

- Establishing a relationship with the customer, proposing a solution designed and customized to its needs;

- Providing high quality and technology products;

- Ensuring fast service solutions.