Flexa GO represents the novelty in the new range of automatic ring wrapping machines, the result of a path of innovation which continues to grow, looking at the great tradition that identifies Pieri, summed up in two simple concepts: strength and reliability. To achieve these goals, Flexa GO summarizes three needs which customers should never give up: compactness, versatility and efficiency. COMPACT We have given great importance to the need for a compact machine that can be easily transported and delivered. It is also easy to handle thanks to its attachment points.

The ideal solution for high speed and productivity. Flexa 400 combines high performance with an unbeatable flexibility, its 15 wrapping programs in fact provide a perfect load stability also with products with extreme sizes.

Silver Twin represents, among the wide range of Pieri arm wrapping machines, the expression of absolute performance and ideal solution for intense productivity. Designed to satisfy the customer’s needs for high efficiency and output, essential requirements nowadays for the market, Silver Twin is an outstanding machine also for its design solution aimed at stability and reliability. The combined action of the two rotating arms can reach very high wrapping speed while maintaining at the same time a steady and balanced structure.

The range of the rotary arm wrapper is characterized by several models able to meet different customer‘s output requirement. The arm rotation is obtained by a pinion-toothed thrust bearing system frequency controlled. The entry model SILVER AGILE offers an interesting capacity up 40 pallet per hour together with great versatility. SILVER GO has been designed for applications of medium speed wrapping up 60 p/h, relying on a solid steel structural frame. Finally, SILVER FAST is the wrapper model created for high speed output up to 80 p/h.

The turntable wrapping machine EASY ROUND has been designed in order to offer to the customer a compact and economical solution for the end-of-the-line. EASY ROUND offers important technical details designed to optimize the wrapping. The stability of the load has been further improved since EASY ROUND is able to wrap almost completely the wooden pallet together with the product wrapped without the need of a lifting device.

Silver Wave represents, among the range of semi-automatic wrapping machines, the ideal solution to achieve the best performance around particularly unstable loads with highly advanced components. Pieri has designed this wrapping machine with the aim to offer to its customer a semi-automatic arm wrapping machine for the “stand-alone” system, including all the benefits and advantages of an automatic model.

The semi-automatic turn table machine is designed as flexible and practical solution for customers who need a compact and simple machine with a good capacity, an excellent load stability and the wrapping quality of Pieri’s trademark .
Several models with different technical features and optionals are available on request: i.e. turntable diameter from 1500 mm up to 2000 mm, column height up to 3000 mm, power pre-stretch film carriage and cutting and fixing device
A large range of option allows the EASY WAVE to be customized according to specific requirements.

AVR 120 ROLLS is the ideal product to wrap rolls of paper, tissue, metal etc. etc. of very big dimensions. The operation of the AVR 120 ROLLS is based on the combine action of the rotating arm and the rotation of the roll itself. In this way the wrapper integrates the functioning of the arm together with a set of rolls placed under the arm on floor level on which the operator places the jumbo roll. The device is complete with a lifting system to facilitate the expulsion of the roll once the wrapping has terminated.

To complement its wide range of wrapping machines, PIERI is also able to offer conveying systems for palletized loads with roller and chain conveyors. PIERI designs and manufactures motorized roller and chain conveyors, of all dimensions, personalised upon customer’s request. Depending on the type of the product, PIERI, thanks to its long running experience, is able to propose functional and complete solutions for every requirements.


CAD (Corner Applicator Device) was born to satisfy the requirement of a stronger solidity and balance of the load, keeping the inside contents repaired from possible strikes or crushings. This device, integrated with the wrapping machines, allows the automatic application of angular for the protection of the edges of the pallet. Designed for rotary arm wrapping machines, CAD is composed of 4 vacuum mechanical pneumatic appliers that take angles by 2 vertical holders and place them on the 4 corners of the pallet.