CAD (Corner Applicator Device) was born to satisfy the requirement of a stronger solidity and balance of the load, keeping the inside contents repaired from possible strikes or crushings. This device, integrated with the wrapping machines, allows the automatic application of angular for the protection of the edges of the pallet.

autoMATRIX is a device for automatic reel changing without the intervention of the operator. It can be installed, on customer’s request, on the ring machine. The modular film magazine has space for three reels of film, or more according to the customer's requirements. The operator simply changes the empty reels of film in the magazine without stopping the machine.

EcoMATRIX is a device representing a new concept of “end of wrapping cycle”. It consists in clamp, cut and tuck in unit for threading the stretch film tail inside the last spiral of wrap. Thanks to this innovative device, patented by PIERI, you get rid of film tails and solve also hot welding and harmful fumes emission problems. Perfect cycle closing with no waving film tails.

The top sheet dispenser inside the machine allows the automatic positioning of the polyethylene sheet over the load during the wrapping cycle providing the load with waterproofing protection. The film amount to lay down on the load can be set for each wrapping program optimising film consumption. The loads height is detected by photocells allowing a complete automatic function.

ecoMATRIX HS has been designed in order to satisfy the precise output requirements with pallets of all sizes.

This device works perfectly with any type of film, micro-perforated, macro-perforated, standard film. It guarantees a total absence of air jets, hot welding and harmful fume emissions.

This device allows to narrow the film until a rope is created, securing the product at the top of the pallet.

The in-line top sheet dispenser applies a sheet of polyethylene film over the load as it indexes into the wrap zone with no interruption to the wrapping cycle. The load is so protected from moisture and dust.

Scissor electro-mechanic top press plate with rectangular plate for stabilizing pallet loads

This device raises the pallet during the wrapping process and allows to wrap also the most part of the wooden pallet.

This device allows for stabilization during the wrapping cycle, essential for unstable loads.