The range of the rotary arm wrapper is characterized by several models able to meet different customer‘s output requirement. The arm rotation is obtained by a pinion-toothed thrust bearing system frequency controlled. The entry model SILVER AGILE offers an interesting capacity up 40 pallet per hour together with great versatility. SILVER GO has been designed for applications of medium speed wrapping up 60 p/h, relying on a solid steel structural frame. Finally, SILVER FAST is the wrapper model created for high speed output up to 80 p/h. All these models are equipped with the ergonomic pre-stretch carriage MS- Pro with fixed ratio up to 250% pre-stretch. Available on request, the double motor pre-stretch carriage PEM-Duo allows adjustable pre-stretch percentages up to 500% easily from control panel also during each wrapping operation. This ensures optimum film utilisation and load containment. Different lay-on force control can be set according to different products, especially useful where the product is crushable. On the control panel the operator can manage all machine parameters and check the film consumption thanks to a film counter. The rotary arm wrapper range is available also with integrated top sheet dispenser (TS) for around wrapping and dust/splash proof covering of palletized loads. The top sheet cover device integrated onto the machine allows automatic positioning of the polyethylene sheet over the load during the wrapping cycle. The film amount to lay down on the load can be set for each wrapping program optimising film consumption. The TS can be inside or outside the machine frame. If outside the reel substitution is much easier for operators. Otherwise, the dustproof protection can be also guaranteed with STF 203 inline top sheet dispenser: the unit is supplied with its own support structure so it can be easily installed on wrapping lines. With the STF 203 the top sheet on the load is applied as this moves forward on the in-feed conveyor. OPTIONAL DEVICES • TOP SHEET COVER STF 203 (top cover device in line before the machine) • PALLET LIFTER (pneumatic pallet lifter to enable partial load wrapping even with protruding loads and those smaller than the perimeter of the pallet) • TOP PRESS PLATE (pneumatic top press plate for stabilizing pallet loads) • ECOMATRIX Your film tail solution! • CORNER ANGLE BOARD APPLICATOR