The turntable wrapping machine EASY ROUND has been designed in order to offer to the customer a compact and economical solution for the end-of-the-line. EASY ROUND offers important technical details designed to optimize the wrapping. The stability of the load has been further improved since EASY ROUND is able to wrap almost completely the wooden pallet together with the product wrapped without the need of a lifting device. This stabilization can be improved thanks to the roping device (optional), which is fitted on the reel carriage and creates a thick film cord for fixing steadily the load with the upper part of pallet. An easy and fast installation along with a complete absence of maintenance make EASY ROUND the ideal product also for packaging-systems with significant capacity. OPTIONAL DEVICES • TOP SHEET COVER STF 203 (Top cover device in line before the machine) • ROPING DEVICE (To fix steadily the load to the upper part of the pallet) • TOP PRESS PLATE (Pneumatic top press plate to stabilize the load while wrapped)