To complement its wide range of wrapping machines, PIERI is also able to offer conveying systems for palletized loads with roller and chain conveyors. PIERI designs and manufactures motorized roller and chain conveyors, of all dimensions, personalised upon customer’s request.

In support of its conveying system, PIERI offers a variety of devices and solutions necessary for controlling the load. The device Exchange roller/conveyor for example allows the pallet to make a 90° turn reversing also the infeed front direction on the conveyor.

The rotating table is ideal for requirements which implicates the rotation of the load before or after being wrapped, keeping the same infeed front direction as when it had been placed on the line. All devices above described are made in a steel structure that guarantees robustness, reliability and durability.

This device meets the need to store empty pallets and keep on the production line. The operator can deposit the empty pallets in the warehouse and the automatic device, equipped with its conveyor, dispenses the pallet on the line in order to receive the product. Capacity up to 15 pallets.

Convey system for the automatic translation of the pallets. By inserting in a protected area with fences and barriers, can increase the speed up to 40 m / min. with a productivity of 65 p / h and a cycle time cart (loading and unloading) of 55 sec.